Sant Pere de Madrona

Madrona is a population entity from the municipality of Pinell de Solsonès. In a hill we find the monumental space with the ruins of two buildings: a castle and the old Romanesque Lombard church of Sant Pere de Madrona (Saint Peter of Madrona).

In the last third of the 18th century, in a nearby hill, a new parochial church was built, much bigger and spacious, made during a time of prosperity and population growth.

The Baroque church of Sant Pere of Madrona was constructed between 1771 and 1776 by Jaume Fornell, from Tentellatge, and it characterised by a very remarkable architecture. In the façade, one can observe the curvilinear crown, characteristic of 18th century Catalan Baroque. On the inside, the structure brings to mind Jesuit temples such as the Cova de Sant Ignasi (Cave of Saint Ignatius) in Manresa: a central nave articulated with pilasters that hold an entablature and that is flanked by lateral chapels over which there are platforms/Balconies that give is a profane air. In the apse basin there is a great pendentive that appears to radiate from the top of the main altarpiece.
The Baroque altar, from the beginning of the 18th century, that used to be in the ancient temple of Sant Pere was fragmented in three parts and moved to the new church. The inside of the temple is decorated with polychromy and with a representation of the twelve apostles.

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