Sant Miquel de Castelltallat

With privileged views over the Bages plain, the church of Sant Miquel (Saint Michael) dominates the mountain range of Castelltallat, next to which was erected the castle of Montedono, from which the stones where used. A few metres away from the temple (mainly built between the 15th and 18th centuries), there is the astronomical observatory, which imitates the starred vault of the presbytery of the church. Opened in 2004, only 6 years after the fires that devastated the pine trees of the mountain range, it encouraged looking at the sky in a time when it was difficult to look at the earth.

Inside the church, with a central nave and a lateral nave attached to the left side, we can find three altarpieces from the 17th and 18th centuries. The most notable is the one that dominates the temple, dedicated to the Saint Michael the Archangel, with five vertical sections, three levels and predella. Dating back to 1613, it is a valuable example of early Baroque, with its narrative style coming from Gothic altarpieces.

Aside from the main altarpiece, the two lateral chapels preserve the altarpiece of Sant Crist (Crucifixion), from 1703, with two Solomonic columns that were chosen to illustrate the 1929 World Expo. The Roser (Rosary) altarpiece, with 17th century original boards where the mysteries of the rosary are represented, has some 19th century alterations.

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